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Manufactured in Germany and Belgium, EQUITONE® fibre cement facade materials are through-colored, textured sheets of cement, cellulose and other mineral materials.  EQUITONE has a full range of through coloured, untreated fibre cement materials. Leading architects of our time like Souto De Moura, Herman Hertzberger, Delugan Meissl and many others have explored and transformed the EQUITONE materials into remarkable facade designs.

EQUITONE facade materials can be fixed to the building structure using a number of face and backfixing options. The facade panels are assembled on a vertical support structure that consist of metal profiles or wooden battens.

Face fixing options include riveting and screwing on metal or wood supporting frames. Backfixing options are bonding or mechanical fixing on metal frames.

EQUITONE facade materials are assembled using the ventilated facade (rainscreen) system. The panels use open joints, that add visual depth and allow for maximum back ventilation of the facade system. The rainscreen system is gaining popularity worldwide, as it creates healthy, breathing buildings. Driving rain is kept outside the structure, yet it allows water vapour from inside the structure to escape.

We now inventory EQUITONE in each of our three locations.  We carry 4' x 10' sheets in inventory although it is also available in 4' x 8' size.  Please visit their website at www.equitone.com to learn more about their products [materia], [linea], [tectiva], [natura] and [pictura] and their design possibilities.

Universe maintains an inventory of the following stock: [tectiva] TE00, TE10, TE15, TE20, TE60, TE90, [linea] LT20, LT60, [materia] MA200, MA400, [natura] N251.

EQUITONE fibre cement panel
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