Building Information Modeling - BIM

Building Information Modeling is the foundation to driving both productivity and decarbonization efforts in our industry. By sharing information in a reliable format with each other, we can reduce wasted time and material. We have created a cloud-based automatic budgeting tool, Universe Design, that lets an architect upload a Revit model and receive instantaneous budget pricing and material optimizations. Powered by the same software our estimators use, Universe Design helps designers choose the optimal Universe facade solution while optimizing the facade material usage.

Have a Revit model? Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or ask your facade specialist to get access to this tool.

Universe Design

Simply, upload your Revit model and run the calculation to see this informative dashboard along with a Facade Material Optimization Visualization. 

Visualize how your panels optimize:

Understand where your panels are too large or waste cause a lot of waste.

Interested in learning the best way to model our facades in Revit?

Download our UniverseRevitModelingGuide.pdf

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